“A Christmas Surprise on Saipan” aims to bring Christmas cheer, along with goods, services or monetary gifts, to a deserving family in Saipan.


This initiative was created by construction and real estate development company Pacific Rim, in media partnership with KZMI 103.9FM and Marianas Variety, and in collaboration with non-profit Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation.


With the pandemic of 2020 and the typhoons of the recent years, the livelihood of many individuals has been devastated. Aside from these major events, life doesn’t stop, so local families still experience loss, disease and misfortune in other ways.

Frequently asked questions

What is the program’s deadline?

Nominations will be accepted through Nov. 30, 2020.

What is the program’s purpose?

This program aims to surprise a family in need with a Christmas experience and help provide relief to some of their hardships. Whether the family has fallen on hard times due to illness, financial difficulties or other trying circumstances, “A Christmas Surprise on Saipan” hopes to make the holiday season a bit brighter. Beyond the gifts and surprises, the family will experience the love and support of their community who is making the program possible.

What is the application or nomination process?

Individuals can nominate another family (not their own direct family) by completing the application, which is available on christmassurprise.org. Individuals can nominate more than one family, but multiple entries of the same family by the same individual do not increase the family’s chances of winning.

What are the evaluation factors and how will the winning family be selected?

An executive committee comprised of key program sponsors will review all nominations. The committee will be responsible for selecting the family that they believe is the most deserving based upon the application / essay written by the nominator. Those nominating a family are encouraged to be detailed in describing the family’s hardship and need to help the committee understand the family’s situation. The executive committee may conduct a reasonable background check on the potential family being considered. By submitting a nomination, you grant the executive committee authorization to contact you (the nominator) and the family (the nominee) if needed. To win, the nominated family must be on Saipan the week of Christmas. The winning family will be chosen at the sole discretion of the executive committee.

Can anyone submit a nomination?

Anyone can nominate another family who lives on the island of Saipan. Nominators should not nominate their own family. Nominations will be accepted until Nov. 30, 2020.

How is the award given?

The sponsors will confidentially reach out to the nominator and coordinate a time when the nominated family will not be home. We recommend that the nominator (applicant) obtains the family’s permission to nominate them. While the family is away, the committee will come to their house and set up the Christmas surprise. When the family comes home, they will find Christmas has arrived at their house… A Christmas Surprise!

What will be included in the Christmas Surprise?

The executive committee will ultimately determine the amount, size, types, etc., of gifts the family will receive, along with any decorations that will be installed. Much of the selection decisions will be based upon information provided and reasonably inferred in the application from the nominator. Therefore, the more detailed and complete the nomination is, the better the team will be able to meet the family’s needs. The surprise could include, but is not limited or guaranteed to include: decorations, gifts, equipment, monetary donations, food, sponsorships, and/or a wide variety of other items, based upon the perceived need of the family and the prize package secured from community partnerships, sponsorships and donations.

Are there any restrictions on nationality, ethnicity, sex, family size, etc?

There are none. The executive committee will be looking for a family in Saipan that will benefit from the Christmas surprise package.

How can I get involved or help this initiative?

Any monetary or in-kind sponsorship for this worthy program are welcomed and deeply appreciated. We know there are many families in our community who are struggling for various reasons, and monetary donations will help us cater the prize package to their specific needs, while in-kind donations will offer the family with much needed items for their situation.

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